Saturday, June 20, 2009


This is what "Souad Massi" does when you listen to her music.


Jason Scheier said...

nice paintings man, glad you linked me.. keep up the great work.

bulbul_g said...

Just went through your gallery. Your work is beautiful, fantastic, out of this world, AWESOME!

Hatem said...

very nice! I like landscapes and your way of handling colors and light.
you know, the last concert I ever attended in Egypt before moving to Canada was a Soad Massi one in Cairo :)

Gulzar said...

Thank you Jason, your work is amazing

Thank you ma'am. Its great to hear from you.

WOW!!!! HATEM! Thats wonderful...I so wanna see her live performance..

Meesimo said...

These are great, lots of nice work here!