Saturday, August 30, 2008


I got monsters in my throat! I'm down with a terrible throat disorder :( couldn't find a better subject to draw at the moment :)


Chris Kennett said...

Cute monsters! Thanks for your epic comment BTW, really glad you liked em :)

EL GRANDE said...

• This is a super blog. I can’t stress how cool this stuff is.

Joe y Elio

shyam shriram deshpande said...

sooo cute :P great characters !!

Noor Mohammed said...

hey man... Now you are ROCKING...!! Nice designs

abhishek singh said...

lovely stuff !!!! i hope u do a series of these
really nice:)

Tobias Schwarz said...

hahaha...these are awesome!

Lucas Gonzaga said...

congratulations buddy!

Manoj Sinha said...

very nice concept

Lydia said...

Hello Gulzar,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I also like your blog. Your a very talented artist. I enjoyed looking at your paintings. Wishing you a day filled with sunshine!

THE DOERS said...

gulzar bhai,
LOve your work
and im glad our paths croSSed
i get very excited when i sEE
gOOd work by indians.
would definitely like to chat up
with you. 9833 426 888
neil dantas~
for the Doers

megha punater said...

hi gulzar,i found you via links.i love your characters they are so good.:)

Gulzar said...

@ Chris - Thank you bro! You know it...I love your work man!

@ Grande- thanks for you comments, means much to me.

@ Shyamshriram - I neednt tell you how much you inspire me!

@ Noor- The rocking part is yet to come bro! but will surly reach there...Insha Allah. Ameen.

@Abhishek- thanks Abhi, you know your drawings have this real fluidity....n thats what makes it special.

@Tobais- thank you for coming into my blog and leaving a comment.

@Lucas- thanks

@manoj- thanksss youuu zzeeejjeeeee!

@Lydia- ahhhh! thank have a very different background....n i appreciate your comments....

@Neil- ahhhh! keep up the good work yourself mate! keep flying high!

@Megha- thank you zeeejjjj to that "via link" where you came into my blog! :P thank you for dropping in!

I sinecierly thank all of you who pay a visit to my blog and make an effort to leave a comment!


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