Thursday, January 11, 2007

"I'm Blue."


Hans said...

Hey Gulzar!

So you're taking a break from the robots huh?;) Love the blue cat design. Good luck in 2007, talk soon.

Take care:)


Jawine said...

Hi Gulzar,

Nice work :)
The pose and the colour really works today to give the "blue" feeling.

Jawine :)

cidin said...

my name is alcides junior
i'm brazilian
very nice your work
god bless you

alcides junior

sourgrapes said...

Hi Gulzar ^^

Really nice graphic stuff you have here. Great robots ^^! Thanks for coming by to visit my blog ^^

Todd Harris said...

great work here Gulzar. like the bots and the cat design. great job on this blog!

Ryan Wood said...

You've got some fun designs here, keep up the good work man!

kookiejar said...

Feeling blue?! Btw great stuff! Flash... right?!

Dave James said...

Great character Gulzar. I really like this.


Mad Guru said...

Cool cat!