Saturday, April 15, 2006




jt4470 said...

Cool stuff.
Did you use a new coloring system for the last 2?
They look different from the cell shading you normally do. Was this done with the gradients in flash?

Hans said...

Hey Gulzar,

Always time for a few robots:) You got yourself a small army now, looks great! So you're working for Warner I hear? Very cool.
Hope you find what you're looking for over here;) It worked out pretty good for me.


prakashsatam said...

Hi Gulzar,
Do u making any film on robots?...I am just kidding.I like the way u use gradients of flash, it looks 3d. Nicely done.
Keep it up.

Kipp Schell said...

if robots could be sexy, then these take the cake, keep it up man!

Syed Md. Talha said...

I really love this one...keep it up MashaAllah