Friday, January 13, 2006

The Ride

Man pulling Man, this is one of the worst things I’ve seen in my times....It’s a "tricycle"…at least its better then “rickshaw”, where one man runs and pulls the rickshaw on foot.


Graphicanjelo said...

nice take man!!! Show the true rickshaw if u have one with u ...i mean pic buddy! It's a cool thing you are doing man!!! Let everybody take a tour of our Kolkata.
Cheers man!!!!

Gulzar said...

Aha! Kolkata boy : P sorry to disappoint you...this is not Kolkata, actually I would still prefer Calcutta...
It’s Patna, Bihar my friend...another great place to see...and the folks from that place are great….

Nabeel said...

yaah i've seen those (pics only)
why do u think it's bad though (think from the perspective of the man pulling) .. it's hard work and I'm sure they feel proud (compared to beggars and other such professions)

i know nothing to feel proud about on it's own but only in comparision ..